Eric Nicholas K's answer to Candice lim's Junior College 1 H2 Maths Singapore question.

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Eric Nicholas K
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Good evening Candice! Here are my workings for part ii.

As it’s close to 4 am and I have six classes later today (first class starts 11:30 am, last class starts 10 pm), I will take a break from my current activity.

I will take a look at parts iii and iv when I have time (or Boy Mow Chau might drop by and give his opinion), but I strongly suspect that we would need to use the results in part ii and “simul” the two equations to get the values of lambda and mu in part iii.
Candice lim
Candice Lim
3 months ago
omg. I am so sorry to trouble you Mr Eric.
Thank you so much for helping me.
I will also use your advised solution of part ii to try again myself to see if I can resolve iii and iv :)

Your working solution is very clear, I can understand almost instantly (I'm now on my way to school :))

Once again, thank u very much and pls take care.