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secondary 3 | E Maths
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Puay Xin yue
Puay Xin Yue

secondary 3 chevron_right E Maths chevron_right Singapore

I'm not sure how to do 5ii)

Date Posted: 7 months ago
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Tan Yun Qiang
Tan Yun Qiang's answer
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Eric Nicholas K
Eric Nicholas K
7 months ago
Good method, but E Maths students do not learn the property that the product of the gradients of two perpendicular lines is equal to -1. This property is only learnt in A Maths.

Sadly it is hard to say whether there are other approaches available for this question or not, and I am unable to tell whether the question comes from an E Maths textbook or an A Maths textbook.
Tan Yun Qiang
Tan Yun Qiang
7 months ago
Oops sorry about that haha
I’m just randomly helping