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Secondary 1 | Maths
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Jessilyn Law
Jessilyn Law

Secondary 1 chevron_right Maths

I am not sure how to do this
I need help for both A and B
Thank you

Date Posted: 3 years ago
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Koh Yoek wan
Koh Yoek Wan
3 years ago
(A) Find the HCF of the numbers, 135, 225 and 360. The HCF is the greatest number of bags.
Answer: 45 bags
(B) 360 divide by 45.
Answer: 8 face towels

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Ainul Mardhiyyah
Ainul Mardhiyyah's answer
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(a) Find highest common multiple
(b) Based on part (a), divide total no. of towels by "total" number of towels.
Ainul Mardhiyyah
Ainul Mardhiyyah
3 years ago
Sorry! I meant highest common FACTOR. There is no highest common MULTIPLE, only LOWEST common multiple, where we use the given numbers to find a larger number.