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Secondary 1 | Maths
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Stacey jaime vanessa monis
Stacey Jaime Vanessa Monis

Secondary 1 chevron_right Maths

Heyzz idk how to do this question! Im not sure how to use the PEE method:")halp!

Date Posted: 2 years ago
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Sao Chuan
Sao Chuan
2 years ago
Point would be stating how the source shows Singapore is successful as a port. (Somewhat a direct answer to the question statement)

Example would require quoting from the source (or describing an element is it is a picture)

Elaboration/Explanation would require you to explain what the source meant (explaining the quote or meaning behind the picture).

It would then help further if you could add a "Link" back to the question to show how the Source tells you the reason behind Singapore's success as a port.

Since it does not ask you to discuss, I would think that there is no need for cross-reference to contextual knowledge or other sources.
2 years ago
The PEE method is quite easy if you understand i will give you a short explanation ;),
The PEE stands for
Firstly state your point for example you have a question for, lets say jap oc. Lets say their talking about how the japanese invaded sg thru malaysia on bikes
Start by saying
I can infer that the japanese are very creative and smart so on so forth then after that on the next para start with
This is shown by then add evidence lastly
This implies that the japanese were well prepared way more then the british though and then i believe atleast in my school you do it again!

Sorry if its too long or not very clear.
Hope it helped