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secondary 3 | A Maths
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sun fen
Sun Fen

secondary 3 chevron_right A Maths

solving part (ii)

Date Posted: 5 years ago
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Samuel Seah Rui Yi
Samuel Seah Rui Yi
5 years ago
Part 1 factorises to (x-2)(x+2)(x^2 +2x+4)(x^2 -2x +4).
Part 2, look at RHS. It is of the form (a^2-b^2).
RHS factorises to: (x^2 +2x+4)(x^2 -2x +4). Notice how this is same with 2 of the 4 factors in part 1. Cancel them out. You are left to solve this simple one: (x-2)(x+2)=1

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Yee Miao Ling
Yee Miao Ling's answer
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Assuming you get the correct factorisation in part i), this should be how it is done.
If you need answer to 3s.f. just enter square root 5 into your calculator and round to 3 s.f. :)