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Secondary 1 | Maths
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Lin Amanda
Lin Amanda

Secondary 1 chevron_right Maths

Please help me with this. Thank you very much in advance.

Date Posted: 2 years ago
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Muhd Ilman Fahmi
Muhd Ilman Fahmi
2 years ago
You can split the area into 3 parts. First the rectangle HIJK and the 2 rectangles at the sides.

The centre long rectangle is 3×12 = 36m^2

Length MN is x. Therefore the area of one small rectangle is 3 × x = 3x

Total area is 3x + 3x + 36 = 6x+36 m^2

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James's answer
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The technique is to break up the shaded area into smaller, manageable parts. There aren't many possibilities, so we try to use any combination of smaller parts whose lengths we already know, or can easily find.
Once you are familiar with the method, the answer can be condensed:)
Lin Amanda
Lin Amanda
2 years ago
Thank you so much for your detailed explanation.