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secondary 3 | A Maths
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secondary 3 chevron_right A Maths

Hello! Please help, I don't understand the question. Thank you!!!

Date Posted: 2 years ago
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Muhd Ilman Fahmi
Muhd Ilman Fahmi
2 years ago
So you have the equation of the straight line given. This line crosses the y and x axis. At the y axis it crosses at point B, and at the x axis it crosses at point A. The distance between point A and B is 10 units.

You can start with the equation. By arranging it, you can make it into the basic form of y=mx+c.

You are given the gradient to be -1/2. In the new equation, m = -1/2. You can then find the relationship between a and b.

Now you can substitute x and y to be 0. At point A, y=0. The remaining value will give you the x coordinate of A. Similarly, substituting x=0 will give the y coordinate of point B. These will be in terms of b or a.

Now you can use the length of a line equation, or pythagoras equation, and equate it to 10. If you simplify you will get the value of a or b.

From there you have the valued of a and b, hence the coordinates of A and B.

Go give it a try. Hope it helps!

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Loi Poh Weng's answer
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2 years ago
Thank you so much!