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primary 5 | Science
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Joy Quek
Joy Quek

primary 5 chevron_right Science

Please assist. Thanks.

Date Posted: 3 years ago
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Chen Jia Xing
Chen Jia Xing
3 years ago
Ans is Cup Z, option 4. Metal being a good conductor of heat is able to emit heat very well. When the water is at high temperature, particles have a higher kinetic energy and hence move at a faster speed, resulting in water in a higher temperature to evaporate faster. (Not the full explanation)
There are also other factors affecting rate of evaporation.

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Answered by Jia Xing under the comments.
Joy Quek
Joy Quek
3 years ago
I know option 4 was marked wrong by tuition teacher. Just don't know what is the right answer.