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secondary 2 | Maths
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Pls help, would be great if you could explain it too! thanks in advance!!

Date Posted: 5 months ago
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They're trying to trick you with the equation. The reason why there's no -7 on the left hand side is because they have just added it to the 5 on the other side to make it 12. So essentially, they are the equations of the 2 graphs shown above.

Now intuitively, the equal sign between the two equations should imply points where the y values of both graphs are the same - these would be the points of intersection of the two graphs shown above, and what they mean by the 'solutions' is that they want the x values for the two points of intersection.

So in layman's terms, just find the x coordinates of the 2 points where the graphs cross each other and you should be fine for the rest of the question :)
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Nalin Sharma
Nalin Sharma's answer
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5 months ago
Thank you for the explanation... I think I got it now
Nalin Sharma
Nalin Sharma
5 months ago
Happy to help!