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secondary 3 | E Maths
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Shan Kuek
Shan Kuek

secondary 3 chevron_right E Maths chevron_right Singapore


Date Posted: 9 months ago
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Eric Nicholas K
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Eric Nicholas K
Eric Nicholas K
9 months ago
There are 10 ways to do this. One by SSS, three by SAS, six by AAS and none by RHS.

The SAS one needs to be careful because the angle has to be included.
9 months ago
⑥ doesn't have to be determined from ④ and ⑤ since it is understood that the opposite angles of a parallelogram are equal

There's actually more than 10 ways.

SSS - 1
SAS - 3
ASA (two angles and the included side) - 3
AAS (two angles and the non-included side) - 6 (3 ways to pick a pair of angles x 2 ways to pick a non-included side)

Total = 13