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secondary 3 | E Maths
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I only need to do qn a and b... is it even possible to plot the graph in the small space.... if can, pls help and show me... i just started on this chap

Date Posted: 9 months ago
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Ho Shi Qin, Amelia
Ho Shi Qin, Amelia
9 months ago
For this, the x-axis is already correct.

As for the y-axis, we look at the range of values we need which is 5 to -43. For convenience, lets round it up to -45.

The question says to use "1cm to 1 unit on the y-axis". So this gives us a clue.

Usually for these questions, it will usually be in multiples of 2, 5, or 10. And in this case, using multiples of 5 for every 1 cm box. So 5, 0, -5, -10 ... -40, -45.

We get just enough space for the whole graph.

Hope that helped :)
Eric Nicholas K
Eric Nicholas K
9 months ago
No. 1 cm to 1 unit will not fit the given space there. Even a regular graph paper would only accommodate at most 24 cm or 26 cm.

Using 1 cm to represent 5 units breaks the “1 cm to 1 unit” stipulation, but again in this situation it’s best to not follow the given scaling.

They should have phrased the scaling as “using 1 cm to represent 5 units”. My Guess is that the setter failed to realise that substituting the x = 1 will get y = -43.

In short, the setter fell short of setting a good question.

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Ho Shi Qin, Amelia
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