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Secondary 1 | Maths
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Promise Chye
Promise Chye

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How do I continue for both questions. I would be grateful if u could help me out with this THANKS!!!!

Date Posted: 1 week ago
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1 week ago
Question 1 is easy. Remember how you split the isosceles triangle into 2 equal right angled triangles yesterday?

VAB is also isosceles since VA = VB = 5cm

So you can divide it into two equal triangles by drawing perpendicular line to AB from V. (You actually did this already)

Now you've just divided AB equally into 2 as well. So each half of AB is just ½√18 cm or 3√2/2 cm.

Apply Pythagoras theorem again on either right angled triangle to find the perpendicular height. You'll get √20½ cm

Total surface area should be
(16.5 + 3√41 / 2) cm² for exact form

Or 26.1cm² (3.s.f)
1 week ago
For c) and d) it's quite blurry. Could you retake the photo for c) and d) ?