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primary 5 | Maths | Rate & Ratio
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Leow Wen Ze
Leow Wen Ze

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Pls assist. Thx

Date Posted: 4 months ago
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4 months ago
before giving 16 e
p: 5u
e: u

after giving 16 e
r: 4(u-16) = 4u - 64
e: (u-16)

4u - 64 +184 = 5u
u = 120

at first, he has 120 erasers.

Leow Wen Ze
Leow Wen Ze
4 months ago
Is there another method ? My dotter has not learned algebra.
4 months ago

btw, this is not algebra.

anyway, do u see the green correction written :
4u +184 = pens ???

this means ur daughter has been taught the units and parts method.
pls check with her.

otherwise, u can google "units and parts method" and learn something new.
Leow Wen Ze
Leow Wen Ze
4 months ago

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Hope this helps