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Can anyone pls help me ASAP thanks

Date Posted: 4 months ago
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4 months ago
Volume of water in Tank P after 15 minutes

= 15 x 1.8l
= 27l

27l = 27 x 1000cm³ = 27000cm³

Height of water in the tank

= Volume of water ÷ length of tank ÷ width of tank

= 27000cm³ ÷ 50cm ÷ 30cm
= 18cm


Increase in height of water in Tank P per min

= 18cm ÷ 15min
= 1.2cm per min

6l = 6 x 1000cm³ = 6000cm³

Increase in height of water in Tank Q per minute

= increase in volume of water per minute ÷ length of Tank Q ÷ width of Tank Q

= 6000cm³ per min ÷ 50cm ÷ 40cm
= 3cm per min

So compared to Tank P,

3cm - 1.2cm = 1.8cm
Height of water in Tank Q increases 1.8cm more than in Tank P per minute.

At 10.15am, height of water in Tank P is 18cm, when filling of Tank Q had just started(which is as good as saying the height of water is 0cm. )

So as every minute passes, the difference in the water height between the 2 tanks is getting smaller by 1.8cm

18cm ÷ 1.8cm per minute = 10minutes

10 minutes is needed for height of water in Tank Q to become the same as Tank P.

1015 + 0010 = 1025

It will be 10.25am when the water level is the same.
4 months ago
Thx alot
4 months ago
Welcome. You can check out my comment for your other question about toy cars if you would like an alternative to Vicky's answer

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4 months ago
Do not screenshot my answer and post it as your own. That is plagiarism.