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Help me with question 37b. I do not understand

Date Posted: 4 months ago
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4 months ago
Henry was paid $910 for the work.

Now, if Henry worked the same number of days as Gopal ,

He would be paid $910 x 3 = $2730

This also tells you that Gopal would be paid only $2730 if his pay was the same as Henry instead of being $5 more per day.

Since we know Gopal was paid $2940,

$2940 - $2730 = $210

So Gopal got $210 more from all those $5 extra he was paid per day.

$210 ÷ $5 = 42

Gopal worked 42 days

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AC Lim
Ac Lim's answer
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Hope you understand
4 months ago
Yes. I understood. Thanks