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Yvonne Chong
Yvonne Chong

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The boss level of questions PLS CINTINUE READING OR YOU ARE GONNA MAKE THE BUGGEST MISTAKE IN CHU LIFE. Just help me with B cause that question my whole family Idk and I think my friends are too lazy to help me so Umm... Pls help if you have time. BTW thx J for helping me.

Date Posted: 4 months ago
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4 months ago
For aii) it should be $9 cheaper, not $36. You only subtracted the discounted price of 1 bag from shop Y instead of 2

b) should be asking what % discount to put if the discounted price for two bags is the same as shop X.

We know that the discounted price is $63 in shop X.

So if original price of two bags = $45 x 2 = $90,

Then the discount given has to be $90 - 63 = $27

27/90 x 100%
= 3/10 x 100%
= 3 x 10%
= 30%

The discount is 30%

Another way to do this :

First shop total discount = 10% of 1 bag + 50% of 1 bag with the same price
= 60% of 1 bag

But since we know in shop Y, both bags which have the same price ,must have the same discount,

This 60% must be divided equally among the two bags

60% ÷ 2 = 30%

You erased your working but I think it is correct actually

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Marlon Tan
Marlon Tan's answer
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Hi i see that you have arrived at 30% earlier. This is the correct concept. However you have to note that this only applies if the items are of the same price.