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secondary 4 | E Maths
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Royal Lim
Royal Lim

secondary 4 chevron_right E Maths chevron_right Singapore

How to do q4 !! Thanks for help in advance!!

Date Posted: 11 months ago
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11 months ago
∠COB = ∠BAO + ∠ABO (ext angle = sum of 2 int opp angles)

= 90° + x°

OB = OC (both are radius of the same cir cle)
Since D is midpoint of BC,


OD is common to △BOD and △ COD

So △ BOD and △COD are congruent (SSS)

So ∠BOD = ∠ COD

∠COB = ∠COD + ∠COB
(90 + x)° = 2∠COD (since ∠BOD = ∠ COD)
∠COD = (90 + x)° ÷ 2
= (45 + ½x)°
Royal Lim
Royal Lim
11 months ago

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Eric Nicholas K
Eric Nicholas K's answer
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The challenge in this question is to express the angles in terms of x. So essentially, you are finding the answer in terms of x rather than regular numbers. Usual rules for circles and triangles continue to apply.