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This is an integration question,

“Integrate the following trigonometric functions”

I attempted the question but unsure as to why I got the wrong answer! Sorry I’m weak in my differentiation & integration topic

Date Posted: 7 months ago
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Eric Nicholas K
Eric Nicholas K
7 months ago
I have inspected all your working. You likely mistyped something in your calculator because your answer is exactly 2 less than the correct answer.

Other than that, the presentation in lines two and three could be improved (once you integrate the terms already, there is no more integration sign), and for the substitution in line 4, we substitute 1 to the entire (-3 - cos 2t - 2t2) for the first big squared bracket and substitute 0 to the entire(-3 - cos 2t - 2t2) for the second big squared bracket.

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