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secondary 4 | A Maths
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thank you

Date Posted: 3 months ago
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Eric Nicholas K
Eric Nicholas K's answer
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These questions are definitely pitched at a level much higher than that of the O Levels, so these questions are unlikely to appear in the O Levels.
3 months ago
Is in my book
Eric Nicholas K
Eric Nicholas K
3 months ago
For Q1, there is actually some kind of 'symmetry' in the equation 2xy - 3yz - 6xz = 0. Each of the three terms in this equation is basically the product of any two of the three powers in the original equation which itself is symmetrical since the three numbers in the original equation equates to one another.

Hence, there should be an easier proof for this, but I am not experienced enough to reach that level of proof.

For Q2 last part, again there should be a better proof, but I am not experienced enough.

For Q3, we usually let a and b be positive integers. If you use the other pair of positive values, you will still get the same answer for the square root of (34 + 24 root 2).

Of course, for the square root of (34 + 24 root 2), we only take the positive outcome, not the negative outcome, so the negative pairs of values are rejected.