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Chan Yee Li
Chan Yee Li

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Pls help

Date Posted: 2 months ago
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2 months ago
this animal may be a carnivore or an omnivore

C: carnivore

E: in diagram Part A, this animal has canine teeth, and sharp teeth. Absence of flat molar teeth.

R: Sharp teeth r required to tear flesh off the bones. Canine teeth r necessary to crack bones open (to get to bone marrow),

this animal is likely to breathe thru' nose and lungs.

C: breathe thru' lungs

E: in diagram Part A, the presence of tiny holes in skull ; in diagram Part B, there is a large rib cage.

R: the presence of large rib cage is to protect the lungs. Hence, presence of a pair of (large) lungs.
Chan Yee Li
Chan Yee Li
2 months ago
Thank you