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secondary 4 | A Maths
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Georgia Jansen
Georgia Jansen

secondary 4 chevron_right A Maths chevron_right Singapore

I just need part 3!!! Pls include diagram if possible or just like explanations if u can thx!!

Date Posted: 6 months ago
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Eric Nicholas K
Eric Nicholas K's answer
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Sorry, I did not answer the question on foolscap paper.
Eric Nicholas K
Eric Nicholas K
6 months ago
The vertical distance from (2, 2) to the line y = 1 is 1 unit long. So the vertical distance from the centre of the new circle to the line y = 1 must also be 1 unit long and the x-coordinate of the centre remains unchanged after the reflection. Hence the centre of the new circle is (2, 0).

The radius of the circle remains unchanged after reflection. Hence, the radius of the new circle is also square root 5 units.
Georgia Jansen
Georgia Jansen
6 months ago
U got the wrong radius as ans i think?? And itbinfluenced the rest of the ans butvthx for ur time