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primary 5 | Maths | Whole Numbers
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Please help!

Date Posted: 6 months ago
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6 months ago
Its super easy! Its kind if embarrassing explaining this in the comments. Well, i am a student too. If you already got help, welp..Im sorry!
Highlight important keywords, like '5 times' and '264 wheels'.
Did you notice the '5 times'? If you do, that means its multiply!

264 x 5= ?
(If you want to draw a model, well..Its up to you!)

Do it! Im probably 89% smart. If you get it wrong when its marked, don't blame it on me! When my mom helped me, it got wrong too. People make mistakes right? So, if you think im kind hearted..Helpful..Well thank you! Im not selfish. But if you're selfish, in the future you'll sell fish!
~Yours Sincerely,

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Low Jia Lin
Low Jia Lin's answer
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u stands for units :)
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Henry Tan
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Set/grouping method . You can learn from YouTube/ezmath/primary.