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primary 5 | Maths | Area & Volume
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Hashwinie cordellia
Hashwinie Cordellia

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Please help me l do not know

Date Posted: 9 months ago
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Hashwinie cordellia
Hashwinie Cordellia's answer
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Please reply me l reply need help please please l need a good Answer
Phylicia Tong
Phylicia Tong
9 months ago
U take a 9m long piece of cloth and cut into 8 EQUAL parts, EACH part will be 9/8m long (that's essentially the meaning of 9 divided by 8). It could be a piece of cloth, a string, a stick, etc, the idea is the same.

Though it's strange the question uses meter as a unit of measurement. For making pillow cases, area would be more appropriate. Nonetheless, the concept remain unchanged.
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Chen Jiamin
Chen Jiamin's answer
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9/8 (improper fraction) =1 1/8