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secondary 4 | Biology
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physics qn! please explain. thank you!

Date Posted: 1 year ago
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Kam Tian Qiao
Kam Tian Qiao's answer
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For input 12vac left side, connect it to transformer 1000turns coil Qin parallel , for ouptput 6v , 24w light bulb at right side, we need to step down the voltage , use transformer formulae (Vp/Vs) = Np/Ns ,so connect 500 turns coil S to light bulb in parallel , for the center is transfomer coil p and coil R which is 50 , 50 turns , since turns is same in center , no voltage change in center. Voltage change only at right and left side
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Lee Zhi Xian
Lee Zhi Xian's answer
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First we step up by 10 times from 12v to 120v using R and S. Then we step down from 120v to 6v usng Q and P. Hope it helps