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primary 6 | Maths
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Audris yeo
Audris Yeo

primary 6 chevron_right Maths

I find this question tricky. Pls help.
My answer for part (a) is 7 while part (b) is 0.88cm square. I don't know if they are correct.
Thanks a great deal. :)

Date Posted: 3 years ago
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Shira Anna
Shira Anna's answer
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Hey, my drawing on the diagram might help.
You have to remember that the discs cannot change shape so you need to use the length of the diameter with the length of the cardboard to find the answer instead of using the area.

Each row can only have 3 disc because of this, so total 9 discs can fit it without changing the shape. There will be gaps.

I did not work it out in full, but the guiding steps will help you.
Audris yeo
Audris Yeo
3 years ago
Thanks !
I have "calculated" the part (a) answer like that :
Area of big square = 20 X 17 = 340
Area of "small" square (around each disc) = 6 X 6 = 36
Then I use 340 divided by 36 = 9R16
How many more ? Ans = 9 - 5 = 4
Do u think it's make sense ?