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secondary 4 | E Maths
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Pls help

Date Posted: 1 year ago
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1 year ago
2 trained teacher 4 days
1 trained teacher 4x2=8days
6 untrained teachers 6 days
2 untrained teachers 6x3=18days
Since 1 trained teacher takes 8 day to finish marking 1 pile , in 1 day, the teacher finish marking 1/8
Since 2 untrained Teachers take 18 days to finish marking 1 pile, in I say the Teachers finish marking 1/18
In I day they mark finish 1/18+1/8=13/72
Therefore they will take 1/(13/72)=72/13 days which is 5 7/13 days which is 5days and 13h(nearest hour)
Arnold K H Tan
Arnold K H Tan
1 year ago
I agree with the answer of 5 days 13 hours.

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