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primary 6 | Maths | Geometry
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Shirley Victorio
Shirley Victorio

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I need help with B ASAP!

Date Posted: 1 year ago
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1 year ago
44 ÷ 8 = 5 r 4.

So you can have 5 equilateral triangles that point upwards placed side by side.

White triangle : upward pointing.
Black triangle : downward pointing.


You can fit 5 black triangles in between.

Half a triangle would have a base of 4 cm.

The leftmost white triangle would touch the left end of the cardboard.
The rightmost black triangle would touch the right end of the cardboard.

So there are 10 triangles in this row.

Height of each triangle is slightly less than 7 cm.

Since your cardboard is 28 cm high,

You can fit 4 such rows .

So 4 rows x 10 triangles = 40 triangles