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Secondary 1 | Science
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Tara Naghshband
Tara Naghshband

Secondary 1 chevron_right Science

Please answer the triangle labelling and check my answer on #2 of the concept questions.

Date Posted: 2 years ago
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Eugene See
Eugene See's answer
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Note!! The numerical units of KE, SE, and TE is just an estimation to help plot the chart. They may not be exact value. However, total energy must be the same.

To answer Question 2, you can see from the chart that all the GPE is not converted to KE as some is lost to friction as SE and TE.
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Liyana Azahari
Liyana Azahari's answer
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For question 1, you have an understanding of the concept but you need to make a link to the Law of Conservation of Energy by stating the law. For question 2, just state that it turns into other forms of energy.