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Hi.. can someone please explain why we cannot just use volume of cuboid and divide it by volume of cube ?

Date Posted: 3 months ago
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Faith wong kai xin
Faith Wong Kai Xin's answer
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Volume of cube is 4*4*4
Hello there. The reason why is because the cubes are not cut nor melted to fit the container.

30 of the cubes can fit the length of the container (30×4cm=120cm) exactly.

You can only fit 25 cubes along the width (25×4cm=100cm, which is less than 103cm) since 26 cubes will take up a stretch of 104cm, being 1 cm more than the width of the container. Of course, fitting 25 cubes along the width of the container leaves a 1cm-gap that is not utilised, but that cannot be helped.

Similarly, you can only fit 16 cubes along the height of the container (16×4cm=64cm, which is less than 66cm) since 17 cubes will take up a total height of 68cm, being 2 cm more than the height of the container.

Thus the maximum cubes that the container can hold is : 30 x 25 x 16 = 12000

Hope this helps you to understand. Regards.
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Xavier Sng
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