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Tysm !

Date Posted: 3 months ago
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Boy Mow Chau
Boy Mow Chau's answer
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when curve is quadratic, rewrite in vertex form (completing-the-square form), then it is easier to see what transformations are required.

note that for this type of question, there can be other possible answers, depending on how you write the transformed equation.

the transformed equation can also be written as ...
y = 4x^2-4x+5
= 4(x-1/2)^2+4
= 4[(x-1/2)^2+1]
= (2x-1)^2+4
these will require different combination of transformations but the result of the combined transformations will be the same.
Boy Mow Chau
Boy Mow Chau
3 months ago
your image of the question shows that there is a part (a). if i guess correctly, part (a) is asking you to rewrite the transformed equation in vertex form. this is a clear hint of how to do part (b).

transformation of functions is in H2 maths.
current H1 maths syllabus does not include this topic.