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junior college 2 | H2 Maths
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kim Yeon Jae
Kim Yeon Jae

junior college 2 chevron_right H2 Maths chevron_right Singapore

Hi, please help me with this question. Thank you.

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Hi this seems like a H2 Further Math question? Chi Square test is under H2 FM when I took A levels this year. (Side note, Yates Correction wasn't in the syllabus when I took it.) Regardless, if you want the method I can provide it for you.

H(0): There is no association between alcohol drinking and cancer
H(1): There is an association between alcohol drinking and cancer
Calculate the expexted values for each value E(i) using the formula:
E(i) = (Row total × Column total)/Grand total
Degree of Freedom
= (Row total-1)(Column total-1)
= 1
Conducting a chi-squared test with Yates Correction at 5% significance level, reject H(0) if chi^2 > 3.84
Test statistic:
chi^2 =∑{ [|O(i) - E(i)| - 0.5]^2 / E(i) }
Calculate the test statistic and accept/reject H(0) like how you would do Hypothesis Testing in normal H2 Math and you should be good.
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Kenneth Quek
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