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secondary 4 | E Maths
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Jun kai
Jun Kai

secondary 4 chevron_right E Maths chevron_right Singapore

Hi, can I check what the steps to draw the vector?

Date Posted: 4 months ago
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Eric Nicholas K
Eric Nicholas K
4 months ago
As you add vector using a graphical approach, you need to make sure the second vector starts off from where the first arrow ends. In this case, OP and OQ have the same starting point, so the second vector OQ does not start from OP's ending point (of P).

We need to move OQ to the right such that we draw a vector, parallel to and same length as OQ, which starts from P.

Let's call this end-point R (you can think of it in thw way that OPRQ is a rectangle).

The resulting vector would be OR. Join these two points with a straight line.

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Al's answer
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For this vector, you’ll have to use the triangle law of addition, where for eg. AB + BC = AC. You just have to ignore the same letters (the Bs) and use the same ones (AC) and connect the lines in the correct direction. I hope I didn’t overcomplicate this!