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Need help for this question! Related to set identities.

Date Posted: 1 year ago
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Boy Mow Chau
Boy Mow Chau's answer
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possibly mistake in question phrasing.

question says "... sets A,B and C ..."???

unless I am mistaken, when C is written as superscript, it should represent the symbol for "complement of set" (equivalent to using single quotation mark).
Boy Mow Chau
Boy Mow Chau
1 year ago
alternative solution in other direction (with similar reasoning) ...

= (AUB) ∩ (A∩B)'
= (AUB) ∩ (A'UB')
= (A∩A') U (A∩B') U (B∩A') U (B∩B')
= ∅ U (A∩B') U (B∩A') U ∅
= (A∩B') U (B∩A')
= (A\B) U (B\A)