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junior college 2 | H2 Maths
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h2 chem how to do ii

Date Posted: 1 year ago
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Mak, Ivan
Mak, Ivan
1 year ago
The ionic radius is defined as the distance from the nucleus to the outermost electrons in an ion.
Zeff = Z-S, where Z is the nuclear charge and S is the shielding effect, given by the number of inner shell electrons.
Zeff of Cr3+ = 21-10 = 11
Zeff of Al3+ = 10-2 = 8
Ionic radii of Cr3+ and Al3+ are the same because even though Cr3+ has a greater number of electron shells that Al3+, it’s effective nuclear charge Zeff = Z - S is greater. Hence the outermost electron is being pulled as close to the nucleus as Al3+, making both having the same ionic radii.
Arennea Golen
Arennea Golen
1 year ago
I think this was classified under CLT so no need to worry

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